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April 23 2021, A beloved Uncle Passes Away From Covid-19

Sami Razi, was an amazing influential, person, an uncle and father figure to a man named Aresh Saqib (The founder of Sakoon). Sami was a person that gave back to the poor and helped communities around the world. Some of the things he did was setup a muslim patrol agency in brooklyn so residents would feel safer knowing good people were around the corner to help, weekly food drives for the needy. Building wells and shelters in countries like Africa.

He was such an impactful person that when he passed away, there were thousands of people attending his funeral.

I Knew From that Moment On

I wanted to be just like him, and create something that would impact others and help build communities. Give back to the people in need and help those who are afflicted with pain and grief.

I didn't know what exactly, but I had a will and prayed for guidance.

Sakoon Nutrition EST 2021

Like any normal day, I saw my father eating black seed and honey together as he has been doing for the past 20 years. Mā shāʾa -llāh he has always blown my mind, he works 12 hour days as medical doctor and has been doing so every single day for 20 years and I have never seen him get sick. Honestly speaking maybe once a year at most. Even covid had nothing on him. Alhamdulillah. That's when it hit me, I need to create something everybody can enjoy and benefit from! We started with pills, then oils and realized it wasn't enough to change the way people ate black seed, So we made the World's First Gummy!

Continuing to Grow

Alhamdulillah, thus far we now have distributors carrying our gummies around the world, and In sha'Allah many more to come! Everytime you buy from Sakoon, a portion of your sale goes to charity!

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We Built Our First Water Well!

Every month we donate 5% of all profits to Charities, That means, for every purchase you make with Sakoon, a portion of it goes to helping people around the world!

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5% Donated to Families In Need.