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April 23 2021, A beloved Uncle Passes Away From Covid-19

Sami Razi was an influential figure to Aresh Saqib, the founder of Sakoon. He dedicated his life to helping those in need, establishing a Muslim patrol agency in Brooklyn for a safer community and organizing weekly food drives for the needy. Additionally, he contributed to building wells and shelters in around the world.

When he passed away, his impact was evident as thousands of people attended his funeral.

I Knew From that Moment On

I aspired to emulate him and create something that would have a positive impact on others and contribute to the development of communities. My desire was to contribute to those in need and assist those burdened with pain and grief. While I didn't possess a clear vision, I possessed determination and sought guidance through prayer.

Sakoon Nutrition EST 2021

When my father, a medical doctor, consistently consumed black seed and honey together for 20 years, it never ceased to amaze me. His dedication and 12-hour workdays, coupled with his rarely falling sick, left me in awe. Even during the onslaught of COVID, he remained resilient. This inspired me to create something that could benefit everyone. Our journey began with pills and oils, but we realized that a more innovative approach was needed to revolutionize the consumption of black seed. As a result, we introduced the World's First Gummy!

Continuing to Grow

Praise be to God, our gummies are now being carried by distributors worldwide, and God willing, there will be many more in the future! When you purchase from Sakoon, a percentage of your sale is donated to charity.

We Built Our First Water Well!

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